Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Juice Fasting Time!!!

Ok. So you know I'm a Vegan. Check.
You know I LOVE veggies. Check.
You also know that I've done a vegetable and fruit juice "cleanse" for 14 days. Yep. No chewing for 14 whole days.
I will say, it truly was the best thing I've ever done. Well, maybe one of ... cause having my kids and getting married were kind of important too... but that's beside this point.

So here I am again. Juicing. Thing is though, it kinda sucks this time around. I started off with the intentions of supporting a friend who seemed to think I was so cool for having done this major juice fast previously. She sends me a text saying "hey, I'm gonna juice for 5 days!!! Wooo hooo!!!" And I could actually hear the bells and whistles going off from within my phone, just because she had NEVER even given me an inkling of a thought that she was interested in juicing for ALL meals for even a whole day, let alone 5 whole days! So... being the cool and awesome person that I think I am... (yea, no) I suggested I'd do it along with her to "support" her. Little did I know how much it would suck. And now, I HAVE to be the voice of reason that says "yay, we'ere in this together friend, we GOT this, let's go, keep up the good work!!! Go JUICE fast!!!" Thing is though, I don't feel that way. At all. Not even one little fat cell in my body wants to pack up and leave the rest of her friends right now. So I'm sort of in a funky place.

Last night my friend texts me after work and says "oh my gosh, this crap is hard!" And instead of letting her know that I'd at that point eaten potato wedges, cookies, a pancake, fried potatoes AND pumpkin seeds, I just conceded "why yes, it is certainly hard." Gulp and guilt were scurrying around my throat like the food was churning in my belly post ingestion. But I couldn't let her know that I'd failed her... could I? No. I could just "avoid" telling her that I had enjoyed the grease of my desires. And that's exactly what I did. All night. I just kept sending her encouraging, positive texts letting her know how much easier it would be in the morning. It hurts too much to think of this as "lying" to her... so let's just call this effective re-direction. That sounds great! Then she can be supported and I can continue to eat. We're both getting what we want, right? Yea, but see the thing is... I'm gonna have to tell her the truth at some point. "While you were struggling and thinking I was the most cool and most strong person you know, I was actually swallowing really good vegan fare every time I hit that little 'send' button." What will she think?

Stay tuned...

Oh, and have a FABULOUS day!!! (Healthily I might add.)

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  1. hope you didn't give her your blog address -- since you outed yourself (very eloquently, I might add)...I've never been able to juice for more than a day...it is HARD. Good luck to your friend...and hang in there!