Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Okay Why Am I Struggling So??!

So it's been several weeks of this up and down weight thing. Last weigh in was 195. ( I will say I usually weigh first thing in the morning after pooping and peeing. However, this last weigh in was 9:00 pm after a belly full of Lay's potato chips and orange juice... blah, I know...)

So I have been eating crappy. Vegan Crappy. I notice that I feel much, much better when I juice in the mornings and eat mostly raw veggies throughout the day with the exception of cooked beans and lentils.
I have been craving sugar something awful and I feel, for the most part "out of sorts." Is this the vegan diet? Is this lack of adequate calories? Is this junk food (vegan or not)? Or could this be that I went from exercising 5-6 days a week to ... well, none.  I'm confused and find it so difficult to get someone to paint the "real" picture of being vegan along with the good and the ugly. I've read articles of people preaching for being vegan and I've read equally as many with people all but tarring and feathering those who choose this diet... oh what is a little chubby girl to do with so many opposing viewpoints?

I have made up my mind to stay this course for the long haul, so the thought of shoving down a McDonald's cheeseburger is really a mere nightmare in my book. The main reasons I am and will most likely remain a vegan are multifaceted.

I LOVE how energetic I feel (think "I don't have to unbutton my jeans after dinner! Hot damn kids!!!!). I feel that the consumption of animal products can be linked to many diseases (one being colon cancer, which my dad had. He has now been cancer free for over 21 years... and yes, he was a HEAVY meat and cheese consumer!) I do support the movement in non-cruelty to animals (why do we have to be so mean just because we can???!) Mostly, it just feels light. I feel lighter being an herbivore than I ever did being a carnivore. I respect that my lifestyle doesn't fit everyone, and I'm still at the very beginning of figuring out my own path.

Would the Vegan gods please enlighten me on how to do this better??!

Ok, on to having a FABULOUS day... ;)