Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hooray It's My First Day!!! (Re-Posted)

Wow, what a crazy ride life is! I'm pinching myself that I have actually started a blog!!! Who'da thunk??!

Ok, but seriously. I began a "journey" to lose weight and inspire others (mainly my husband and children) over 2 years ago. I've tried so many "diets," gimmicks and out-right unsafe ventures in my time to lose weight and gain self only to find that I'd be back in the same spot PLUS 10-15 pounds!!! WTH??!
That said, I am finally "growing up" and putting on my big girl panties... at least this morning I did. Yay me!!!

Ok, so seriously. I was a normal kid. No weight problems, no "identity" issues (that I know of) and no real personality flaws that I can blame for causing me to gain weight after giving birth to my first child at 20 years old. So fast forward to April 26th of 2010. Here's me, fat, depressed, in pain, and wishing that one of the many "diets" I'd tried would have truly worked (as in, made me lose weight AND stay small). They didn't. No genie in a (pill) bottle. Just me. Still fat. Still depressed. Still in pain (plus some new additions). Still wishing. Not living. I'm 280+ pounds. Yep. AND... wait for it... I'm 5'. Yep. That's pretty hefty. You betcha.
Anyhoo... I had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery on 4/26/10. And today... NOT ONE SINGLE REGRET. Well, maybe one. I should have done the surgery SOONER!!!

Over 2 months ago, I watched a life changing documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it changed my life. Really. So I am eating a completely plant based diet and loving life, how I feel, and how I view myself. So cool! My only frustrations at times are getting people to understand that I DO NOT EAT COWS, CHICKENS,TURKEYS,PIGS,LAMBS,DUCKS,FISH,EGGS, MILK OR ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM THOSE THINGS. When eating out, you'd be surprised how the wait staff seems confused when they bring me a plate of Thai noodles cooked in "fish sauce" and I tell them "I don't eat any animal products." Duh??! Right. Wrong. Even in 2012 we are rooted in a society that calls you an "odd ball" when you take a stand and say "I don't trust the USDA to take care of my health, I actually have to STOP putting all of their 'approved' items in my mouth and venture out to figure out that all of that STUFF made me sick!"

Current weight: 189 pounds. Still 100%Vegan. And lovin' it. ;)

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