Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey There!

I'm feeling very tired this morning. Colorado's Fall has officially begun to cramp my style. It's been rainy and sort of gloomy out here. I do like rain, just not when I need to be dry.

That said I'm trucking along in my little Vegan world. I'm finding that it is sooooooo difficult/frustrating to eat out these days. I feel that when I go to a restaurant, the waitstaff (most of the time) hears my requests and immediately gets annoyed that I am "asking" them about all the fare on the menu. Who knew trying to actually "care" about what goes into your mouth would be so offensive??! Here in Colorado, there are not many Vegan friendly restaurants and that makes me sad. I am sad that I have such a hard time ordering, and I'm sad that more owners are not broadening their horizons and offering more animal-free cuisine.

True story: A former co-worker and I met for dinner last week. I chose a restaurant that was known to be "vegetarian" friendly, so I figured, "hey, maybe the menu could be tweaked a bit to be vegan friendly as well." Fair thought, right? Maybe not so much. Long story short, my friend and I ended up leaving after well over a 20 minute wait. All I wanted was an answer to the question "does your vegetarian menu contain any items that don't have milk or eggs?"

I'd really like to know why being on a plant based diet evokes such judgement? Really. I'd like to know. Is it the word "Vegan" that bothers people? Is it that they don't know how to help me that intimidates them? Or is is really as simple as they are lazy and don't want to work a little harder to help out a little more?

I will get back to my wonderful sense of humor, but today is sort of a reflection piece. Hmmm. I wonder...

Anyhoo... Have a FABULOUS day!!!

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  1. Isn't that the weirdest thing...doesn't matter what you do, people freak out if you do a high protein plan, gluten free plan, vegan plan, kosher...people just need things to freak out about...

    I could use more gloomy rainy days...but then I always wanted to live in Seattle.